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Danphe is an Electronic Health Records and Hospital Management Solutions developed by imark Pvt Ltd., an international IT company.

imark Pvt. Ltd was established in 2007 AD by professionals from healthcare, Information Technology, education, banking, telecom, fintech, insurance and retail industry with the mission to build technology products and platforms enabling automated, digital and cashless ecosystems, thereby improving the quality of life.

For over a decade, we have evaluated the information technology needs in healthcare globally. With efficiency and ease in mind, we built a strong team to deliver a world class Electronic Health Records and Hospital Management Solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Our team consists of board certified medical doctors from the USA and Nepal, Clinical Informaticist, MBAs and IT professionals with over 25 years of software development and deployment experience in the USA, India, Bhutan, Myanmar and Nepal.

We understand that off-the-shelf applications developed for healthcare organizations for developed countries may not fit in every context, so we built the application from bottom up. This has given us tremendous flexibility to cater to the requirements of various healthcare organizations. We have incorporated the decision support system and evidence based practices in our clinical modules to improve patient care. In addition to the EHR component, Danphe application has the complete hospital management system including finance, accounting and operations.

Our mission is to continuously work on enhancing the application to help make a complete transition to the digital world. Our work on data surfacing enables clinicians and the management to make informed decisions on patient care and operations of the organization. This transition will make healthcare more efficient thereby improving the quality of patient care.

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