We provide comprehensive and fully integrated healthcare management solutions and care.

Danphe Care

Danphe Care is a highly innovative service which is committed for your health and wellbeing. We bring our expertise in healthcare and technology to provide excellent care for you and your family. Our team has specialists from all around the world, mostly from Nepal and the United States of America. Our goal is to make a safe and high quality healthcare readily accessible to our patients at a reasonable cost.

We believe that everyone deserves excellent health care. Our dedicated team of doctors, nurses and other health professionals provide compassionate care with a personal touch. Our practice is guided by evidence based medicine, which is customized for your care. We also have world class technology to provide you the best care possible.

Home Isolation Care overview

  • We support each individual through Danphe Telemedicine and other virtual assistance tools.
  • We provide complete orientation about our program and educate you regarding COVID-19.
  • In-built planning and stock management.
  • We provide physical, mental and social support to improve your well being and overcome your anxiety during isolation.
  • Our dedicated medical team monitors your health status regularly and provides you necessary advice.
  • Our expert team of specialist doctors are available to take care of your health issues.
  • We conduct mindfulness activities,yoga sessions and dietitian counselling to improve your overall health.

Need exclusive and customized features?

We can provide such solutions as well