About Us

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About Us

imarkdigital is a multinational technology company established in 2007 AD by the domain experts from Banking, Education, Fintech, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail and Telecom sectors to improve quality of life by executing automation of the ideas and innovations using state of technology.

Our Features

A collaborative team with local and international areas with multiple domain experts.

Our Primary Domain:

  • Banking
  • Fintech
  • Telecom
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Education


Provide World class products, state-of-the-art solutions and best-of-breed services to our business partners through innovation and latest technology.


Improve quality of life through Innovation and Technology.


  • Technology Enabler
  • Customer Obsessed
  • Employees Empowerment
  • Community Building

About iRetail

We are a highly innovative company which is committed for your health and wellbeing. We bring our expertise in healthcare and technology to provide excellent care for you and your family. Our team has specialists from all around the world, mostly from Nepal and the United States of America. Our goal is to make a safe and high quality healthcare readily accessible to our patients at a reasonable cost.

We believe that everyone deserves excellent health care. Our dedicated team of doctors, nurses and other health professionals provide compassionate care with a personal touch. Our practice is guided by evidence based medicine, which is customized for your care. We also have world class technology to provide you the best care possible.

Our Global Presence

Development and support centers in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Myanmar.
Coorporate office in Dillibazar, Kathmandu, Nepal. Regional implementation and support offices in Pokhara, Chitwan and Dhangadi.