Application of new technologies during it's development.

About i-POS

i-POS is a record keeping application of POS (Point of Sale) devices along with their other needed details which includes merchants’ name ,MIDs,TIDs,serial number, bank, connectivity, application, location.etc.

i-POS works mainly for the record keeping of detailed information of the Banks’ TID and MID numbers, POS machines, their switch and their respective serial numbers, management of the stock of the devices and their recording according to their selling heads ( rental/partial rental), the internal connectivity of the POS machines.

i-POS Overview

  • The software is used to record the data and information of banks with utmost security.
  • The management of recorded POS devices can also be done.
  • POS devices/terminals type and numbers can be recorded, identified and can be referenced in future.
  • Retail history of the terminals can be easily generated.
  • Reports can also be generated according to the needed time schedule.

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