Application of new technologies during it's development.

About i-Parking

Developed for Kathmandu Urban Challenge, i-Parking is a parking management system with smart POS integration. It is also complemented by an app and Android POS device.The digital parking solutions currently available in the market are desktop based with added accessories such as printer, barcode scanner, and can be capital intensive. In addition, it is fixed to a location where it is installed. Whereas, our product has a cloud based parking management system which is complemented by handheld POS devices running parking management mobile applications. The parking attendant carries the POS device which is portable and compact with printer, scanner, wifi, GSM data integrated, thus providing mobility. This gives our product competitive edge over bulky and anchored desktop systems. We have priced the product package keeping SME business in mind, so that it is affordable with multiple purchase schemes.

i-Parking Overview

  • Promotes a cashless economy.
  • Time saving and Efficiency.
  • Accuracy.

Our Core Features

i-Parking software is complemented with an Android POS device that manages various functions.

Parking ticket Management


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