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Tech Optimization: Tips for making EHRs work for your staff and enable organizational goals

Five top electronic health record systems experts offer healthcare C-suite executives and IT leaders some valuable best practices for getting the most out of their EHR investments.

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What’s changing for electronic medical records?

SciTech Europa welcomes Sumant Ugalmugale, the research lead at Global Market Insights, to discuss the everchanging world of electronic health records.

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LMS for COVID 19 released

Imark has released learning management system for COVID-19 on 25th March 2020. Visit our site http://danphehealth.com/COVID-19 to learn more.

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Tablet Banking in Salyan

NWSCS launched tablet banking using POS in Salyan

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Tablet Banking in Kailali

Presentation of handheld POS used by Kisan Microfinance for Tablet Banking to DFID

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